The National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (AWQAF SA) together with Jeddah based Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) (member of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group) will be hosting its third Southern African Waqf Cadre Training Programme in  Gauteng during 20-24 November 2013.  The programme is targeted at managers, financial advisors, waqf institutions, organizations that manage waqfs (pious endowments), masjid organizations, accountants, lawyers, professional, women’s,  and youth groups, ulama, social scientists, and other interested persons.  The programme will include interactive lectures, workshops, and discussions.

The programme aims  to provide participants  with basic and advanced knowledge, skills, and the values that underpin Islamic Waqf  in particular and sadaqah in general that will enable them to provide advice, consult, train, and implement.  Furthermore, the aim is to provide training in a range of waqf related issues to a range of people from various backgrounds who can make a difference to their communities in developing the waqf system .  Trainers are expected from Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. Participants are expected  from Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, New Zealand, Australia, Mozambique, Mauritius and other Muslim minority countries, including South Africa.

Parallel Fora:

Two parallel seminars or fora  are also planned for the 24th November:  one for members of masjid committees and institutions where some innovative waqf projects will be showcased, and the other where women’s role in waqf making will be highlighted and discussed.

Masjid Committeees Waqf Forum

The aim of the Masjid Committees Waqf Forum is to expose masjid committees and communities about  Waqf models that have already been established in South Africa with a view to encouraging more  masjid committees to embark on income generating waqf projects.

Womens Waqf Forum

Women have been an important segment of the Ummah in developing the Waqf sector  and thus the aim of the Women’s Waqf Forum  is to create awareness around the role of women in waqf making  which will  hopefully  encourage a greater role by South African Muslim Women in waqf making.

Registration is open to all.  The organization is requesting any interested person to register early online.

Trainers & Presenters:  Dr Magda A Ismail Mohsin (The Global University of Islamic Finance,  Malaysia); Hisham Dafterdar (Qaf Bank, Kuwait); Dr Muhammad Obaidullah (Islamic Research  & Training Institute, IDB, Jeddah).

Who Should Attend:    Legal & Accounting firms and professionals,  Ulama,  Islamic Financial Institutions,  Managers/ Leaders of Islamic Charitable Organisations, NPO’s,  and Trusts,  Managers/Leaders of  Masjid & Madressah Institutions, Managers/ Leaders of Islamic Schools,  Individual and Family Trusts,  Asset managers,  Graduates in Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Engineering, Law, Shariah or equivalent. Community workers, Social Scientists

Topics:  Waqf Basics , Shariah-Legal Framework,    Regulatory Framework,  Creating Waqf-Type Institutions Under Secular Law,  Financing Awqaf Development (Immovable Waqf), Shariah-Legal Framework for Cash Waqfs;  Innovations in Waqf Development; Integrating Waqf With Microfinance;  Family Waqfs;  Taxation of Waqfs;  Masjid- Based Community Waqfs,Fund Mobilisation and Investment Models (Classical modes) ; Innovation in Waqf Development, B.O.T. & Awqaf Sukuk…

Certificates: All course participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance

Registration Fee:   (Includes Notes, Teas and Lunch)

  • 3 Day Waqf Cadre Training  Programme  R1500,00 or (USD 200) (20/21/22 November 2013)
  • Women’s Waqf Forum  R150,00  (USD 20) (24 November 2013)
  • Masjid  & Institutions Waqf Forum  R150,00 (USD 20) (24 November 2013 )

Venue:    Waqf Cadre Training Programme: (20-22 November 2013)

Colosseum Hotel,  410 Schoeman Street , Pretoria.   GPS:  28.191492 -24.746487

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