السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Bosmont Masjid will be open for congregational prayers but would encourage the community to perform their daily prayers at home during these testing times. This is to avoid any contact during gatherings. Regularly updates will be communicated. A further update regarding Jummah will be made by Wednesday, In Sha Allah.

Furthermore, we would discourage any hand shaking or hugging. this to avoid the spread of the virus.

We will be sanitizing the Masjid in the next 48 hrs.
• Disinfect the Masjid/Wudu Khana/Ablution Facility
• Usage of Paper Towel
• Installing Wet Wipes
• Installing Sanitation Liquid Bottle

We request persons with Flu type symptoms refrain from attending any congressional prayers.

Musallees, to perform Wudu at Home. The Wudu Khana, Women Facility and Ablution Facility will be Closed. Communal Towels will be removed with immediate effect.

Should there be any supplier/person to assist the Masjid with the necessary items to sanitize the Masjid andt restrain the spread the Covid 19 Virus kindly contact Br Faizel Sallie 082 451 1086.

We make Dua Allah SWT Protect us. Ameen

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