Shafi’i Fiqh series on Radio Islam by Qari Sauleh Peck – Download now!


We firstly are thankful to the almighty ALLAH for the blessings that he has provided to us, and also extend our gratitude to Radio Islam and to Qari Sauleh Peck for making this material available to no costs, purely for the purpose of spreading the Deen of Islam and to increase the Islamic knowledge of the community in general.

Qari Sauleh Peck (Bosmont), a teacher and mentor at Darul Uloom Zakariyya, gives a weekly talk on Radio Islam (Sundays) on Shafi’i Fiqh.The program is structured around a talk on fiqh matters and followed by a Question and Answer session. Alhumdulillah the talks are both inspirational and educational, and it provides those of us that are not able to tune in to the radio station with the ability to benefit from their program.

The brothers and sisters are encouraged to download the lecture series and pass the message on to others in order that we all, inshaALLAH can benefit.

Download the entire 2010 series here:
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[download id=”18″]
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Look out for the 2011 series coming soon!