Women in Islam

What comes to your mind when you think of a Muslim woman? A mysterious, veiled victim of male oppression, awaiting Western liberation? A slogan-shouting terrorist? An uneducated foreigner with whom you have little or nothing in common? Unless your social circle includes Muslim friends and acquaintances, the chances are that your impressions of Muslim women have largely been formed by …

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History of Muslims in South Africa

There are no reliable statistics on the number of Muslims in South Africa. Estimates range from 500,000 to 1,000,000. Judging from the latest census figures and the concentration of Muslims in the various provinces of South Africa, it can safely be assumed that the majority of this population is made up of Muslims of Malay origin (about 45 percent, resident …

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The tears of Rasulullah (SAW)

Suddenly, there was a person said salaam. “May I come in?” he asked. But Fatimah did not allow him enter the room. “I’m sorry, my father is ill,” said Fatimah turned her body back and closed the door. She went back to her father who had opened his eyes and asked Fatimah, “Who was he, my daughter?” “I don’t know, …

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Guidelines for naming a child

Sayyadina Abu Darda RA narrated that Rasulullah SAW said: “you will be called on the day of judgment by your names and your fathers names so keep good names“. Amongst the rights and duties of parents to children is to give them Good Islamic names. Naming is an important aspect of Islam. Moreso one should keep ‘Arabic’ names as it …

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